Procedures for dealing with allegations of child-on-child abuse

If anyone (pupil, parent, member of staff) makes an allegation of a child being abusive to another child, we record it, investigate it and deal with it.

Our process means that:

  • all concerns are taken seriously
  • we track whether incidents are considered to be:
    • verbal abuse
    • physical abuse
    • emotional abuse
    • sexual abuse/harassment
    • bullying
    • racist
    • homophobic/transphobic
  • parents are always involved if the investigation concludes that the incident was categorised as one of the above
  • perpetrators of abusive behaviour, either deliberate or not deliberate, will always face consequences that include being educated about their attitude and/or action
  • tensions between people are monitored

Here are the forms we use, so you can see our process:

Abusive incident report form

Abusive incident investigation form

Template support plan for victims of child-on-child abuse

Please also see our Child-on-Child Abuse policy in the policies folder.