The school uniform we have chosen is smart, inexpensive and personalisable (choice of colours).

Branded polo shirts, jumpers and cardigans can be purchased from our recommended supplier, Bristows in Bridgnorth and ordered through their online shop.  

*if you are trying to order a gold polo shirt for Year 6 children from Bristows, the correct colour for ordering is 'Amber'.

It is not essential to wear school uniform with the school logo on.  Plain, unbranded clothes in the school colours are completely fine (and normal!).

Our uniform is:

  • Shoes: plain black, waterproof, with heels no more than 2cm, no boots above ankle height 
  • Socks (or tights): plain black/navy/grey/white
  • Trousers/skirt/shorts/pinafore: plain black
  • Dress: navy check or yellow check
  • Polo shirt: white or royal blue (gold for Year 6 only) - plain white shirt may also be worn
  • Sweatshirt/cardigan: navy

PE kit is:

  • T-shirt: white or navy
  • Shorts: black or navy
  • Tracksuit/sweatshirt/joggers (black or navy) can be worn outdoors
  • Personalised (initialled) hoody (navy) - optional
  • Swimming: trunks or swimming shorts (not long) for boys, costume (not bikini) for girls

Clothing must be plain or with the school logo.  No other logos/colours are allowed.


Please also see our booklets that explain what is okay and what is not okay:

 A guide to Windmill uniform

 A guide to Hairstyles