In 2019, houses were introduced at Windmill.

Cluddley, Upton, Henmoor and Rowton are all Shropshire windmills to the North, East, South and West of Brookside.  Each pupil and member of staff belongs to a house, which helps to develop each person's sense of personal and collective responsibility.  As well as promoting a sense of belonging, our house system also makes sure we recognise and celebrate all kinds of achievements.  Each house shield and motto focuses on one of the school values:

  • Cluddley - 'Aim High'
  • Upton - 'Do Your Best'
  • Henmoor - 'Don't Give Up'
  • Rowton - 'Believe In Yourself'

Here are some additional benefits to the house system:

  • Children are offered opportunities and encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities
  • Children experience friendly competition between houses
  • Pupils gain greater experience of both winning and losing
  • Behaviour is positively manged as the house system ensures staff recognise and celebrate all kinds of achievements
  • Upper Key Stage 2 pupils are offered more organisational and leadership opportunities

We organise various house events for all Windmill children from Reception to Year 6: sports, academic and fun! 

House captains are chosen from Year 6 and vice house captains from Year 5. House captains are responsible for selecting, encouraging and supporting pupils to participate in the house events. 

House points can be awarded by any member of staff and the weekly totals are announced in Friday celebration assemblies.

In 2020, the house cup was won by Upton.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023, it was won by Henmoor.