Sometimes, if children are not able to attend school, we can direct families to continue learning online.

This could be if a child is unwell, suspended from school, or if the school or a certain class is closed.

For all pupils not attending school, learning can take place at home.  We call this Remote Learning.

Learning links and directions are listed below and will be clarified by the class teacher in some circumstances:

In an event of school closure, we are also sometimes closed for children of critical workers and children considered to be vulnerable.

  • See here for a breakdown of jobs that are considered to be 'critical'.
  • See here for an explanation of children considered to be vulnerable.

If a whole class is closed, please look at the ClassDojo class page for your child, where teachers will set appropriate learning activities (during a time of closure, we will continue to communicate most regularly using ClassDojo).

During a time of prolonged closure, specific learning tasks are set by teachers that we would like families to complete.  The following links to year group pages will take you to those tasks:

If teachers set work for home learning using ClassDojo, you will need to access this from a computer or tablet device.  If this is a problem for you during a prolonged period of school closure, please contact the school office.

We would like you to keep in touch with the class teacher using ClassDojo too.

We expect families working at home to do their best to support children's education continuing by providing a quiet space, a regular routine, encouragement and access to equipment.  We can help with all of these things if you ask us.  Details of our Remote Education Offer during the Covid-19 pandemic are here.  Details of our Expectations of Children and Families Learning At Home are here

During a time of prolonged closure, we will ask families to sign an online agreement, which also includes what families should expect from school staff: Family Agreement Form