We want to be a school which IGNITES something inside children which grows and flourishes as they go through life!

We believe we are that school already, but our vision is that we become the best in the world at:

I ncluding everyone

G uaranteeing opportunities

N urturing aspirations

I nspiring each other

T rying everything

E ncouraging independence


We will never stop trying to be better at these things, because that is what we believe a successful school looks like.

From 2023 until 2027, we will be working through a strategic plan that will mean we improve as a school, giving Windmill children exactly what they need to be successful in life.  The plan has five strands:

  • Metacognition (children understanding their learning journey) ‘We learn well
  • Interaction (all of us speaking, listening and communicating effectively) ‘We speak well
  • Writing (using extensive vocabulary, correct grammar and punctuation) ‘We write well
  • Collaboration (partnering with others to improve what we do) ‘We work together
  • Aspiration (bringing the best out in each other and aiming high) We are inspired

You can read our strategic plan hereAsk us about it if you want to know more.