Windmill Primary School is proud to be part of Community Academies Trust (CAT)

We work closely with other CAT schools, particularly those in Telford: Grange Park Primary School and The Telford Langley School.

We benefit from the CAT Institute of Education, a centre for professional development, school improvement and teacher training.

Please read this letter from Philip Hamilton OBE, CEO of CAT.

At Windmill we want children to love school and love learning; to celebrate their successes and understand their failures; and to broaden their horizons and realise their potential.

Anyone visiting us should see how our mission, vision, values and motto are evident in our curriculum and in relationships between children, staff and the wider school community. 

Our values in particular are what we strive for in preparing pupils for the next step in their life-long journey of education.  Former Windmill pupils who have now left education and have begun their careers still refer back to those values and say they live by them today.

Our school mission is: to give children the best possible start to the rest of their lives

Our vision is that we IGNITE something inside children which will grow and flourish:

  • Including everyone
  • Guaranteeing opportunities
  • Nurturing aspirations
  • Inspiring each other
  • Trying everything
  • Encouraging independence

Our values underpin everything we do:

  • ‘Every Day Is A New Day’ (Forgiveness, Nurture, Learning)
  • ‘Be There For Each Other’ (Support, Respect, Social Awareness)
  • ‘Aim High’ (Optimism, Positivity, Ambition)
  • ‘Do Your Best’ (Effort, Motivation, Self-management)
  • ‘Don’t Give Up’ (Commitment, Independence, Perseverance)
  • ‘Believe In Yourself’ (Resilience, Confidence, Determination)

Our motto is ‘Enjoyment, Achievement and Aspirations’ :