What is bullying?

Have a look at the video that Mr Gibbons made for an online assembly in Anti-Bullying Week 2020:

Bullying video

You see, lots of people don't understand what bullying is...

...they might think it is whenever someone hurts someone else...

...but it's not.

There is no legal definition of bullying. But here's what we at Windmill say bullying is:

when someone wants to hurt someone else...
(their feelings or their body)

...and they do it over and over again
(on more than just one day)

We don't always understand why people become bullies.  They might be jealous.  They may be trying to look cool.  They may have a problem at home and they are looking for attention.

Bullies might aim at certain people because they have a different race, religion, gender, sexual orientation.  It might be just that they don't like the way someone looks or even because they want to make fun of a disability.

Bullying can be hurting someone's body or hurting someone's feelings.  It can happen face-to-face, online or behind someone's back.

Bullying is never ok

Someone should never have to say 'I was only teasing' or 'I was only messing around' or 'It was just banter'...

...if it is teasing and/or messing around, everyone should be clear about that (and be okay with it)

Take the challenge...!
Do you think you can spot bullying...?
Have a go on this website: